WERA General Meeting May 23, 2017

WERA General Meeting of May 23, 2017
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Meeting commenced: 7:02 p.m.
                                Chair: Elmer Rudolph; Recorder: Gavin McLeod
                                Number of attendees: 10
Approval of minutes of previous meetings: Motion to approve minutes of March, moved by Gavin McLeod seconded by Mary Wilson.
Additional Agenda Items:

Beekeeping In The West End (Jeff and Amanda Lee): Jeff and Amanda Lee live in the west end and have a thriving Apiary. Keeping bees in the west end is legal with restrictions. There are numerous species of native bees that are great pollinators and should be encourage through planting of flowers that bloom throughout the major part of the year. Dandelions flower early in the year and are important for bees, leave the flowers and remove them when they begin turning to seed.

Community Garden in Grimston Park (Jeff and Amanda Lee): Jeff and Amanda Lee suggested that Grimston park would be a good site for a community garden, there is a fairly large unused space at the east end of the park with a slight slope, great sun exposure and no trees.

Maker Spaces In The City (Elk Ebert): Elk Ebert is attempting to create a maker space in New Westminster where the average citizen can be creative through the use of shared tools and work space. The biggest problem is finding an low cost venue and raising some money to support it.

Report On Jane’s Walk In The City (Mary Wilson/ Gavin McLeod): The annual Jane’s walk was a success this year with excellent weather and a good turnout. Mary Wilson led a group to upper 12th street where interesting shops and sidewalk mosaics were discovered. Gavin McLeod led a group from the 22nd street Skytrain station to Steel and Oak brewery where a few beverages were consumed.

Neighbourhood Traffic Advisory Committee Meeting (Gavin McLeod): Gavin McLeod reported that the April meeting had a presentation on traffic on  Royal avenue and solving the problem through traffic light timing.

Pedestrian/ Cycling Committee Report (Mary Wilson): Mary Wilson reported on the latest ActBiPed meeting. Sidewalks are being added in Connaught Heights. 30 Km. speed signs have been erected along 7th Ave. A separated bike lane has been set up on 7th ave between 6th and 8th. The Walkers Caucus Walking Challenge ends this week.

Community Policing Committee Report (Gavin McLeod): Gavin McLeod reported on the May meeting. There has been an increase in auto theft and theft from autos in the west end.

Meeting Adjourned: 20:57
Next meeting: Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday September 26, 2017 at Unity in Action Church from 7 pm to 9 pm.

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