WERA AGM of November 22, 2016
Twitter: @WERANewWest
Meeting commenced: 7:01 p.m.
                                Chair: Elmer Rudolph; Recorder: Gavin McLeod
                                Number of attendees: 11
Approval of minutes of previous meetings: Motion to approve minutes of September 27, 2016, moved by Gavin McLeod seconded by Frank Norman.
Additional Agenda Items:
Permission from city to install a non-conforming driveway at 805 16th street (Maria Marcu): The family living at 805 16th wishes to provide onsite parking. A side lane exists but access and the back yard are problematic for providing normal access. The family wishes to provide a driveway directly off Sixteenth Ave. The driveway would be between 805 Sixteenth and 1519 Eighth Avenue. The family has received approval from their immediate neighbours but need a variance from the city. David Guiney suggested that they would not receive approval despite the fact that similar situations exist in New Westminster. There will be a public hearing.
City Transportation Manager to discuss traffic concerns and speak on projects (Lisa Leblanc): Lisa Leblanc spoke about the Master Transportation plan and its emphasis on alternatives to the single occupancy vehicle. The MTP would also improve the Greenway, fix and improve sidewalks, upgrade curb drops and improve wheelchair access. Four important targets are, zero fatalities/ serious injuries; sustainable transportation with 60 percent of transportation by walking, cycling and public transit; to reduce the average distance driven from 10Km per person per day to 6.5 Km. per person per day and to limit through traffic to current amount (no increase). The Pattullo bridge will be 4 lanes and tolled which should limit traffic, there will be pedestrian and bicycle access on both sides. There is a meeting scheduled for December 3rd to provide an update to the Connaught Heights traffic plan. The Stewardson Way crossing to River Drive has not been resolved due to financing issues. A level grade crossing has been suggested as an alternate but has issues.
Discussion of 22nd street Skytrain proposed improvements (Mary Wilson): Mary Wilson reported on improvements to the 22nd Street Skytrain station. No major renovations have been made to date but the road surface on Seventh Ave has been upgraded. There are long term plans to increase density around the Skytrain.
Walkers’ Website,Walkwers’ Caucus (Mary Wilson): Mary Wilson and Reena Meijer Drees created an advocacy group for walkers in New Westminster a group of citizens dedicated to improving the walkability of New Westminster, the inaugural meeting took place on November 16 at Century House and was well attended. The website is: http://www.walkerscaucus.ca/ Fraser Health is encouraging walking you can check out their website: http://news.fraserhealth.ca/News/April-2016/Walk-your-way-to-health.aspx
Election of Officers and appointment of Directors: The biannual election of officers was held.
President (incumbent Elmer Rudolph), Elmer stood down while nominations and election took placed, temporarily replaced by Gavin McLeod
Nominations: Elmer Rudolph was nominated by Gavin McLeod
No other nominations. Elmer Rudolph accepted the nomination and was elected by acclamation.
Vice President (incumbent Frank Norman):
Nominations: Frank Norman was nominated, no other nominations. Frank Norman accepted the nomination and was declared elected by acclamation.
Secretary Treasurer (incumbent Gavin McLeod)
Nominations: Gavin McLeod was nominated, no other nominations. Gavin McLeod accepted the nomination and was declared elected by acclamation.
Directors: Directors were appointed, Heather MacKenzie and Teodor Trandafir.
WERA Financial Report (Gavin McLeod): Gavin McLeod reported that the October statement listed the following:
Everyday Chequing: $439.65
Community Savings Bond: $102.64
Equity Shares: $78.44
Annual Donation to Unity in Action Church (Elmer Rudolph): A motion was passed to donate $50 to Unity in Action Church for use of the facility for one year.
Membership Dues Collection: The annual $2 membership fee was collected.
Meeting Adjourned: 20:39
Next meeting: Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday January 24, 2017 at Unity in Action Church from 7 pm to 9 pm.

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