WERA General Meeting of March 22, 2016
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Meeting commenced: 7:09 p.m.
                                Chair: Elmer Rudolph; Recorder: Gavin McLeod
                                Number of attendees: 9
Approval of minutes of previous meetings: No motion to approve minutes of January 26, 2016 due to small turnout.
Additional Agenda Items: Speeding vehicles on Hamilton Street between 16th and 18th.
James Burton, architect presentation on subdivision/ rezoning/ heritage revitalization agreement for 801 20th street: James Burton presented the plan to subdivide the current lot, the existing house will be renovated as a heritage home, a small house will be built on the smaller second lot for rental. The appearance of the existing home will be altered slightly but in conformance with heritage guidelines.
Rezoning of 1209 Hamilton Street to create a private day care facility. The architect was not present but Vivian Wong answered questions about the project. The property will have two zones, one for parking and one for the day care centre, the residence will not be materially changed in appearance. There will be space for 20 children 12 months to 12 years. The new zoning will be comprehensive which will allow it to be changed back to duplex if the business leaves.
Your Future Neighbourhood West: Drop In Workshop at Connaught Heights School Gym: Elmer Rudolph spoke about the presentation; it was well attended and there appeared to be a lot of interest, tables were separated into different categories based on type of infill and economic improvement money based on amount of infill. Attendees were asked to choose between alternatives.
Report on History House Workshop: Elmer Rudolph reported on the workshop that was held at the Anvil centre, the attendees were told how to find information on their houses at city hall, archives and library.
Report on latest Residents’ Association Forum: Elmer Rudolph reported on the meeting which is supposed to be venue where information is exchanged between residents’ associations and the city but representatives have strongly suggested that most of the time allotted has been for city presentations to the representatives leaving only a few minutes for input from the representatives. They were told that there would be more time allotted at the next meeting.
Report on Community Policing Committee meeting of March 17, 2016: Gavin McLeod reported on committee meeting, it was well attended by representatives from residents’ associations. Calls for service are down this year except for theft from vehicles which may be due to thefts by the same individuals. There was a fatal accident involving a bicycle near Royal Columbian hospital; there was an attempted suicide at the Quay. There was a report of dial a dope drug deals near Lord Tweedsmuir School and a man knocking on doors late at night asking for a lighter, police advised that he was probably casing houses.

Meeting Adjourned: 20:35

Next meeting: Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday May 24, 2016 at Unity in Action Church from 7 pm to 9 pm.

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