W. E. R. A. General Meeting 2011 11 22

November 22, 2011: commenced 7:01 p.m.
Chair: Elmer Rudolph
Recorder: Gavin McLeod
Guests: David Guiney
1) Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Moved Seconded and Carried to approve minutes of the meeting of September 27, 2011 meeting: moved by Bill Zander seconded by Mary Wilson.
2) City Master Transportation Plan (Mary Wilson): The updated Master Transportation Plan will guide decision-making for transportation over the next 25 years and beyond. The updated Master Transportation Plan will recommend improvements for all modes of transportation, including walking, cycling, public transit, goods movement, and vehicles. This process is important to ensure that transportation investments work towards achieving the City’s strategic goals, make the best use of our tax dollars and help shift towards a more sustainable future. There is a public survey available in printed form at various locations as well as on the city’s website. Gavin McLeod is WERA’s representative on the Community Traffic Advisory Committee and has volunteered to be the representative from that committee to the Master Transportation Plan Committee. Information on the transportation plan may be found at: http://www.newwestcity.ca/residents/residents_services/transportation/master_transportation_plan.php
3) Delegate to Citizens’ Police Committee (Elmer Rudolph): Andrea Francis, the current delegate to the CPC has chosen to withdraw from that position; Andrea is not present at tonight’s meeting. Elmer Rudolph asked Gavin McLeod to obtain more information about the committee.
4) Telephone Survey by New Westminster Police Department: New Westminster police are looking for input from the citizens of New Westminster by way of an online survey, the information will help guide the strategic plan for the next three years; the survey will be available until January 13th, 2012.
5) Donation to Unity in Action Church (Elmer Rudolph): Elmer Rudolph proposed that WERA donate a small sum of money to Unity in Action Church in appreciation for providing a free and comfortable place to hold meetings, this would be a one time donation; a donation of $200 was proposed but a donation of $50 was deemed to be more affordable. Moved/ Seconded/ Carried to donate $50 to Unity in Action Church.
6) Election Night Results from the City of New Westminster (Elmer Rudolph): Elmer Rudolph reported on his dissatisfaction with the delay in posting election results from New Westminster. A motion for Elmer to inquire further was proposed by Bill Zander and seconded by Gavin McLeod, approved by members in attendance; Elmer will appear as delegate to inquire.
7) Coyotes (Bill Zander): Bill Zander suggested that coyotes are killing cats in the neighbourhood and action should be taken to reduce the number of coyotes; other voices suggested that cats are the number one killer of songbirds and should not be allowed to run loose which would also keep the cats safe from coyotes.
8) Residents’ Associations Cooperating: Dave Guiney responded to suggestions that a New Westminster residence in the west end was in violation of the NR1 zoning. Mr. Gagne responded that the residence was not in violation and provided an explanation.
Adjourned: 8:55 pm.
Next meeting: tentatively scheduled for January 24th, 2011 @ 7pm at Unity In Action Church.

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