WERA AGM September 28, 2010

W. E. R. A. Annual General Meeting
September 28, 2010; commenced 7:05 p.m.
Chair: Elmer Rudolph
Recorder: Gavin McLeod
Guests: Kristian Davis: Supervisor of Solid Waste and Recycling Branch, Engineering
1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Moved Seconded and Carried to approve minutes of the June 22, 2010 meeting: moved by Mary Wilson seconded by Andrea Francis.
2. Presentation on automated garbage, clean green pickup and green cone composter: Kristian Davis reported on the city’s plan to provide automated curb side waste collection, most of the bins have been delivered at this time. Kristian answered questions about the bins and then demonstrated a green cone composter. At the end of the meeting a draw was held for the demonstrator green cone, the winner is expected to monitor the use and effectiveness of the green cone.
3. Election of Officers and appointment of Directors: Elmer suggested that due to the small turnout at the meeting the elections and appointments will be deferred until the November meeting.
4. School Board Decision to charge for meetings: Elmer reported that the school board has decided to charge residents’ associations for meetings at New Westminster schools, the charge for this year is $35 per meeting and it was suggested that the charge may be increased to $50 next year; the school board representative also suggested that WERA purchase event insurance but did not insist on that when Elmer paid the $35 meeting fee. Elmer contacted Jim Goring who commented that the charges may not be etched in stone; it appears that the school board will be looking at categorization of groups and basing charges on those categorizations. Elmer suggested that since WERA could not afford to have meetings at the suggested costs a possible remedy would be to get a grant from the city.
5. Traffic Committee Report: The representative was not able to attend the last traffic committee meeting.
6. Citizens Police Committee Report: The representative was not able to attend the last meeting of the CPC.
7. Appointment of Traffic Advisory Committee Representative: Elmer asked if anyone was interested in the position, the city requests that two names be submitted; Andrea Francis and Gavin McLeod volunteered their names.
8. Correspondence from City on Brow of the Hill traffic calming plan: Elmer reported that the city has decided to proceed with its calming plan, objections were raised based on the inability to turn left off Stewardson before 12th street; the city responded that 12th street was the proper route for left turners.
9. Update on 12 Street Public Art (Mary Wilson): Mary Wilson reported that the final mosaic has been installed on 12th and Nanaimo in the sidewalk bulge.
10. Additional Agenda Items: Elmer reported on the proposed bikeway on London/ Dublin, a consultant will conduct a traffic study on 20th, changes will be made to sidewalks and traffic signs; Andrew Murray announced that a flotilla and rally titled “No TANKS! Save BC Waters from Crude Oil Tankers!” will be held at Burrard Inlet Port Moody Harbour; Alice Millar expressed concern about truck drivers under the influence of Doda (poppy tea) and possibly increasing the chance of traffic accidents; Paul Winn suggested the possibility of an off leash dog park at Grimston park where the houses used to be; Elmer announced that a cheque for $50 was received from the Block Watch Society of BC, this was as result of Gavin McLeod’s organization of a block watch event at the Grimston Park Summerfest event., Elmer announced that the police will bring the Emergency Command Centre to the next WERA meeting in November.
Adjourned: 9:02 pm.
Next meeting: scheduled for November 23, 2010 @ 7pm at Tweedsmuir School Library.

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