WERA General Meeting November 24, 2009

1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Moved Seconded and Carried to approve minutes of September 22, 2009 meeting.

2. Approval of agenda/ additional items: Mary Wilson added raising the profile of WERA to the agenda; Pete Lovick will present the treasurer’s report.

3. Presentation on commercial development for London and 20th Streets by Eric
Pattison: Eric Pattison presented details and images of the proposed commercial development for London and 20th Streets followed by questions and answers. Mr. Pattison stated that emphasis will be on pedestrian access. Traffic flow was brought up as a concern; the design of the building is based on “Art Moderne”; construction is expected to begin in early spring.

4. Update on 12th Street Improvements and possible future ideas to enhance 12th
street: John Ashdown reported that the The 12th Street Merchants Association has changed its name to the West End Business Association.; the association will represent all businesses in the west end including businesses on 12th street. Johan requested a volunteer from WERA work with the West End Business Association; Gavin McLeod volunteered. It was reported at the meeting that some areas of the new sidewalk are breaking up and require repairs.

5. Information on 20th Street Traffic Study: Residents around 20th street have been complaining about car traffic, the city plans to implement a traffic study.

6. Letters to School Board and City Council re future of Massey Theatre: The New Westminster School Board wishes to dispose of the Massey Theatre, one proposal if for it to be taken over by the city of New Westminster. Motion to send a letter to city council supporting the preservation of Massey Theatre; the motion was seconded and carried.

7. Large garages in the West End: Several large garages have been constructed in the West End; amendments to the current bylaw were proposed but were tabled.
8. Winter Farmers’ Market: The farmers’ market was a success this summer, a trial winter farmers’ market has been scheduled for December 12, at Holy Trinity Church on Carnarvon Street; check the website at http://www.nwpl.ca/.

9. Raising WERA’s Profile: Mary Wilson proposed the creation of a committee to raise the profile of WERA for the purpose of encouraging the participation of residents of the West End; several members present volunteered to participate.

10. Treasurer’s Report: Pete Lovick produced a verbal report of the account balance. The account balance at this time is: $625.65

11. Other Issues: 10th street back in parking, many people are parking incorrectly, some tickets have been issued.

Adjourned: 9:05 pm,
Next meeting: Tuesday January 26, 2010 7pm at Tweedsmuir School.

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