General Meeting June 23 2009

West End Residents' Association
General Meeting: June 23, 2009; commenced 7:11 p.m.
Chair: Elmer Rudolph
Recorder: Gavin McLeod

Moved and seconded that the Minutes of May 26, 2009 meeting be accepted.

1. Discussion and Approval of Location of West End Neighbourhood Street Signs. Elmer Rudolph presented a street map showing location of West End Sign Topper Street signs as suggested by the sign committee; one minor move was suggested and accepted. The members present approved the distribution of the street signs; Elmer Rudolph will notify city staff.

2. Vote on amended Constitution and Bylaws: due to the low level of turnout to the meeting the vote will be deferred until the Annual General Meeting in September.

3. Rezoning Application for 1932 8th Avenue: Architect Eric Pattison presented a proposal to add an addition to the east end of the Church; the zoning will have to be changed; feedback forms were provided for those attending.

4. Updated Traffic Report on Stewardson: Elmer reported on latest traffic measurements.

5. Annual Report for 2008: Elmer Rudolph reported on the highlights of the Annual Report for 2008; the report can be accessed on the city’s website at:

6. Traffic Committee Report: Elmer Rudolph reported for Andrea Francis. A new bylaw has been passed limiting the time a recreation vehicle may be parked on public streets. Mary Wilson reported that supply trucks for Dominos Pizza has been blocking access to Edinburgh Street.

7. Citizens’ Police Committee Report: Gavin McLeod reported on the June 18th Citizens’ Police Committee Meeting, no new activities reported from the West End, problems with drug house in the east end of New Westminster, also problems with teenagers partying in Queens Park and vandalizing areas of Queen’s Park .

8. Upcoming City Events: Mary Wilson reported on upcoming City Events including the 12th street mosaic project and the 12th street ragtime festival, listings can be found at; and

Adjourned: 8:30 pm, Next meeting: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009, 7pm at Tweedsmuir School.

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