General Meeting June 3 2008

West End Residents' Association
General Meeting: June 3, 2008; commenced 7:05 p.m.

Chair: Elmer Rudolph
Recorder: Gavin McLeod

Guests: Carl Nepstad (Fire Chief)
Andrew Murray (New Westminster Farmers’ Market)
Wayne Werbovetski (New Westminster Parks and Recreation)
Barry Wait (New Westminster Planning)
Rob McCullough (Assistant Curator)

1. Reading and approval of Minutes
Moved/ seconded to accept.

2. Renovation of West End Fire Hall (Carl Nepstad)
The West End Fire Hall was constructed in 1947 with no updates until 2000.
In 1992 a fire audit was initiated.
The city has allocated $300,000 dollars to upgrade the west end fire station as a short term plan. The fire chief proposes relocating the fire hall to the foot of 12th street as a long term goal. The existing west end hall would then revert to residential property and would be sold.
Renovations to the west end fire hall may cause problems with parking.

3. My Neighbourhood My City (Rob McCullough)
Rob detailed the plan to collect historical artefacts and their related stories.
The program is preparatory to the celebration of New Westminster’s 150th birthday.
Residents are being given an opportunity to come together to share their experiences and memorabilia at several locations beginning June 16th. If you are interested please phone (604) 527-4656 or email

4. Board of Variance (Barry Wait)
The city plans to revitalize the board of variance to deal with small residential issues. Originally the board of variance was more active but encountered jurisdiction issues and their duties were taken over by city council.
Provincial regulations have required that the board of variance recommence duties.

Parking policy. It is proposed to reduce the number of large car parking stalls and increase the number of small car parking stalls. Other changes would introduce parking for scooters, van pools, handy dart and bicycles. Transit oriented developments will be encouraged. Parking changes will affect schools and multiple family dwellings.

5. Proposed Amendments to W.E.R.A. Constitution, Bylaws and Meeting Rules
The constitution, bylaws and Meeting Rules were reviewed and amendments were suggested. The following shows the existing section and the proposed change. Voting on the proposed changes will occur at the next general meeting tentatively scheduled for September 30th.

(1) The Officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.
(2) The above Officers, together with 3 Directors and Committee Chairs, shall constitute the Executive Committee. Majority in attendance shall be a quorum.
(3) Ad Hoc Committees appointed as necessary.
(4) An Executive Secretary may be appointed.

Proposed to Delete (4) An executive Secretary may be appointed.


Paragraph 4: Special Meetings for urgent business may be called by the President by request in writing, stating matter of urgency and signed by three members of the Executive Committee or membership and delivered to the President or Secretary.
Paragraph 4: Special may be called by the President when deemed necessary or by the President upon written request by a member, stating the matter of urgency, provided it is signed by two additional members and delivered to the President or Secretary.

(1) A nominations chairperson shall be appointed by the President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, at least one month prior to the Annual Meeting.

Proposed: Deleted paragraph one and renumber remaining paragraphs.

(2) Ballots shall be provided if more than one member has accepted the nomination for the same office. IF VOTING BY BALLOT, three (3) members not running for office shall be appointed to count the ballots, one of these shall announce the results of the balloting. The Nominations Committee shall prepare the ballots.

Proposed: Delete “The Nominations Committee shall prepare the ballots.”

Refer to Constitution Article IV-Officers paragraph 1 – “The Officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer
Article VIII outlines the duties of every Officer except the Vice President.
An addition is proposed that outlines the duties of the Vice President.

Proposed: VICE-PRESIDENT- The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President at the request of the President or if the President is either unable or unavailable to carry out the President’s duties. The President may also assign duties to the Vice President as deemed necessary by the President.

Proposed amendments to the Standing Rules of Order (for meetings)
paragraph (3) existing: - Speakers must speak only once to a motion unless to make a clarification with permission of the Chair. Pro and Con speakers have alternating opportunities to speak. The mover of a motion has the right of reply. The chair of the meeting may set a time limit of speakers.
Proposed (to underlined section):
A speaker cannot speak to a motion a second time until all other speakers have had the opportunity to speak once, unless making a clarification with the permission of the Chair.

Paragraph (10) existing: Debate on a motion is closed after “QUESTION” is called for.
Proposed: The Chair may close debate on a motion after “QUESTION” is called for.

Paragraph (13) existing: The President or Chair shall decide all pints of order and maintain order at meetings.
Proposed: The President or Chair shall decide all points of order and maintain order at meetings.

The Amendment Committee:
Elmer Rudolph - President
Chris Bryan – Vice President
Gavin McLeod – Secretary
May 13, 2008

5. Pesticide Bylaw (Gavin McLeod),3182,3278_372059__langId-en,00.html
Gavin McLeod spoke in the absence of Ashley Duyker of the BC Cancer Society.
There will be a Community Dialogue taking place on June 10th at the New Westminster Library Auditorium from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Please contact Ashley for RSVP and information at (604) 215-5212 or

Discussion ensued regarding the necessity and practicality of a cosmetic pesticide bylaw.

6. New Westminster’s New Farmers’ Market (Andrew Murray)
Andrew announced the inauguration of the Farmers market to take place on June 26th at Tipperary Park. The farmers market will take place every Thursday from June 26th to October 9th inclusive from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. A fundraiser will be held on June 12th, 6:00 pm at the Brooklyn Tap and Grill, 250 Columbia Street; $20 at the door includes a burger and a beer.

7. Application of Development Cost Charges (DCC’s) by the city on new developments
Development charges are assessed against developers for community improvements. Rules are set by the Provincial Government.

8. Sign Committee (Elmer Rudolph)
Elmer gave update on status of West End Signs. The design of the sign has been approved but colours are still being assessed. The assistance of Peter Lovick will be requested for the purpose of choosing Art Deco colours.

9. Notice of Motion by Mary Wilson
Constitutional Amendment; Article III now reads:
All Residents residing in the West End area of the City of New Westminster are eligible to become members of the Association.

Article III proposed:
All Residents residing in the West End area of the City of New Westminster are eligible to become members of the Association. The West End area of the City of New Westminster is defined as the area between 6th Avenue and 10th Avenue, from 12th Street to 20th Street.

To be voted on at the next General WERA meeting, tentatively scheduled for September 30th.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm

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