General Meeting April 1, 2008

West End Residents’ Association Regular Meeting

Tuesday, April 1, 2008, 7pm


1. Adoption of previous minutes. Postponed. Previous minutes not yet available.

2. Additional items. Several items added to agenda.

Presentation – Councillor Jonathan Cote reported that a Green Action Plan was adopted by New Westminster Council in January 2007. He spoke on four component topics embodied in this Plan. With regard to energy use, he described several actions the City has taken to elicit and implement energy saving ideas. On the topic of land use planning, he focussed on the City’s commitment to integrated mixed use development, and on the retention of industrial lands. Transportation issues have been identified as a major concern for New Westminster residents, and Jonathan Cote emphasized the environmental impact of transportation practices. He also emphasized the need to accommodate pedestrian and bicycle routes, and announced that Council has adopted a pedestrian charter for New Westminster. He also mentioned the Crosstown Greenway and Central Valley Greenway. His fourth topic dealt with waste management and the huge challenges across the entire region with regard to reducing landfill waste and promoting recycling initiatives. In conclusion he announced that the City has hired an Environmental Coordinator – a new position. After his presentation Jonathan Cote responded to a number of questions and suggestions.

At this point, Barry Waitt introduced himself as the Planning Dept liaison to WERA, and there was some discussion of recent West End residential developments which appear to be antithetical to the City’s professed environmental goals and standards as well as to local zoning regulations.

4. Update on status of pedestrian overpass at 6th and Stewardson Way. Elmer reported that CBS Outdoors has presented a proposal for their participation in constructing an overpass at this location. Apparently there may also be available money through a Provincial government “Locomotion” fund. Participation by Translink appears to be uncertain at this stage.

5. Citizens’ Police Committee Report. Not available this month.

6. Colours for West End street signs. The final design, with suggested colour combinations,was displayed. Since the colours proposed did not receive unqualified support, this item will be revisited at the May meeting with different colour options.

7. Additional agenda items.
(a) Brian Coates has resigned from the City of New Westminster after many years of involvement in community projects. Elmer was asked to convey to Brian thanks and best wishes from WERA.
(b) Mary Wilson proposed putting WERA’s Constitution and Bylaws on the WERA website. Before this can be done the Constitution and Bylaws need to be reviewed and, as necessary, revised. Every effort will be made to prepare draft changes, and the required motion of intent, for WERA’s May meeting.
(c) Twelfth Street Neighbourhood Society has, in its Constitution, provision for two WERA representatives. Gavin Hainsworth of the Twelfth Street Neighbourhood Society asked for two appointees. Bill Zander agreed to be one appointee. The other representative will be determined at a later WERA meeting.
(d) Gavin Hainsworth also expressed the Society’s appreciation for neighbourhood support and enthusiasm as Twelfth Street undergoes upheaval and change.
(e) Elmer announced a presentation by Translink on Thursday, April 17th from 7-9pm at the Holiday Inn Express (Metrotown) re the BC Parkway Trail.
(f) Elmer announced an information meeting for WERA representatives at City Hall on Tuesday, April 8th regarding development cost charges.
(g) On April 19 the second annual “Doggy Walk” will be held on Twelfth Street starting at 10:30am with registration at The Playful Puppy Palace, 712A Twelfth Street. Walkers (with dogs) can tour the shops on Twelfth Street, and compete for prizes.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm

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