General Meeting Nov 27 2007

W. E. R. A.

West End Residents' Association
General Meeting: November 27; commenced 7:01 p.m.
Chair: Elmer Rudolph
Recorder: Gavin McLeod

Reading and approval of Minutes
Motion to approve minutes of September 25, 2007.
Moved by Bill Zander, seconded by Peter Lovick

Bill Walker, Eric Pattison, Andrew Murray and G Ehlert.

Letter from Bill Zander to City Hall re: noise and air pollution

1. Rezoning Application for 1602 Nanaimo Street
Presentation by Bill Walker and architect Eric Pattison.
The city of New Westminster requested that Bill Walker present plans re rezoning application for 1602 Nanaimo Street. Eric Pattison present detailed plans including site elevation to show what both houses would look like after rezoning and subdividing.

2. Proposed Area Identification Signs for the West End
Elmer Rudolph and Peter Lovick (architect) displayed several proposals for street sign topper signs to identify the West End, one proposed sign was chosen by the majority of those present, minor adjusting of font and colour may follow. BACKGROUND: A WERA sub-committee was struck earlier this year to create some designs for consideration by membership. The City provides a grant to cover the costs of neighbourhood signs, as are seen in places like Moody Park and Sapperton.)

3. Pedestrian/ Bicycle Overpass and Possible Sign Locations
A committee from WERA assessed several locations for possible billboards, and these locations were shown on a map of the West End.
BACKGROUND: Due to lack of commitment from City Hall WERA decided to approach CBS outdoors to present a proposal at September’s WERA meeting. In order to finance the construction of the sign CBS outdoors gains revenue through leasing of advertising signs. The city recently announced that financing might be available from the City of New Westminster, Translink, the BC Government and CBS outdoors. No firm proposal has been announced.

4. New Westminster Farmers Market
WERA member and NW Farmer's Market Association member Andrew Murray reported on progress towards re-establishing a Farmers Market in New Westminster; a board has been established, a name picked and registered and a web site has been created. Several sites were canvassed including the quay and the front parking lot at City Hall. A presentation has been scheduled at the City Council meeting on Monday December 3rd.

Move that WERA send a letter to City Council supporting the establishment of a Farmers Market and support the front parking lot at City Hall as the preferred location.

Moved: Bill Zander
Seconded: Gavin McLeod

5. Rezoning Application for 707 18th Street
Presentation by Glen Ehlert.
Glen Ehlert presented plans to subdivide 707 18th Street in order to build two houses.
A public hearing will be scheduled in the future.

6. 12th Street Improvements (tree replacement).
The trees once existing on the upper end of 12th street were removed as part of the 12th street improvement project. Bill Wild, the city arborist has stated that the choice of tree will depend on availability but the root ball must be small and the height should be limited. It was suggested that Bill Wild be invited to a WERA meeting.

7. Replacement Dog Park.
The former west end dog park no longer exists due to the construction on the north end of the Queensborough Bridge. No final proposal has been offered, one suggestion would have placed the dog park in the centre of a cloverleaf. One suggestion was to purchase right of way from Hydro but the property is supposed to be in demand. Another suggestion was to use the lower end of Grimston Park.

8.Additional Items.
1. Proposal to build transitional housing on Garfield hotel property
2. Update on Metro Vancouver Liveable Regions Plan.
3. Status of proposed New Westminster Green Plan
4. Report from traffic committee representative
5. Report from Citizens Police committee representative
The above items were deferred to the next meeting.

Next Meeting: January 29th, 2008

Moved/ Seconded/ Carried to adjourn.

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