General Meeting September 25 2007

West End Residents' Association
General Meeting: September 25; commenced 7:10 p.m.
Chair: Elmer Rudolph
Recorder: Gavin McLeod

Reading and approval of Minutes
Copies of minutes were not available, to be approved at November meeting.

Guests: David Struthers of CBS Outdoor.

1. CBS Outdoor
Presentation by David Struthers
CBS constructed the pedestrian overpass over McBride Street.
Mr. Struthers spoke on the progress towards the creation of a new pedestrian overpass over Stewardson Way near 6th Avenue. Currently the City has not committed to the project. CBS Outdoor has proposed financing the project in exchange for the placement of revenue-producing billboards at appropriate locations in New Westminster; this contract arrangement would expire after 20 years after which the city could have the billboards taken down or accept payment from CBS Outdoor for use of the billboards. CBS Outdoor has created a list of suitable locations which will be available to WERA.

Motion by Gavin McLeod, seconded by Mary Wilson to have WERA send a letter to city council expressing WERAs’ desire to continue investigating the feasibility and desirability of CBS outdoors proposal.
Motion Carried.

2. Proposal for Change in Variance Process.
City council has proposed involving residents’ associations as a part of the building variance application process. No details have been offered at this time. Involving resident’s associations may be a way of granting more power to the resident’s associations or merely offloading responsibility.

3. Treasurer’s report.
Peter Lovick reported on financial status and membership level.

4. Sign Committee Report.
Elmer Rudolph reported on progress; three different concepts have been proposed and a presentation of these concepts will be presented at the November WERA general meeting.

5. Nominations For Traffic Committee.
Andrea Francis, incumbent representative, has agreed to have her name put forward as the WERA representative.

6. Homelessness Week.
Elmer Rudolph announced receipt of correspondence requesting participation in the upcoming Homelessness Action Week which will run from October 15-21; more information will be found at:

7. Additional Items.
Elmer Rudolph will represent WERA at the residents’ association roundtable scheduled for Oct. 11 at City Hall.
Gavin McLeod reported on a recent increase in locomotive horn blowing at early hours of the morning and will investigate further.

Next Meeting: November 27, 2007

Moved/Seconded/Carried to adjourn.

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