General Meeting May 29 2007

West End Residents’ Association
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chair: Elmer Rudolph
Recorder: Mary Wilson

1. Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting
To be dealt with at next meeting.

2. Additions to Agenda
Two items added under #8

3. Temporary Off-Leash Park in West End
Diane Perry (New West Parks and Rec.) handed out a map showing the new off-leash dog area proposed for the West End. (The off-leash area we’ve had for some time has now been removed in order to accommodate construction of the north end Queensborough Bridge interchange). Perry said the new offleash area could be completed in 18-24 months. Meanwhile, New West is negotiating with B.C. Hydro for a temporary off-leash area on their property nearby.

4. Moody Park New Pool Consultation
Diane Perry of New West Parks and Rec said the Moody Park outdoor pool will not open this year but the city plans to build a new pool with aim to open summer of 2009. Perry said the City wants to build a facility similar to the old pool, but is soliciting ideas and suggestions from residents. There’s a response handout available, or use the website at

5. Impact of Queensboro Interchange Construction on Residents’ Access and Amenities.
Elmer summarized WERA’s understanding to date: that the existing pedestrian activated crosswalk on Stewardson Way at 6th (south end of Grimston Park) will be removed, and that there are no plans to replace the crosswalk there with a pedestrian/cyclist overpass. Without a crossing at 6th and Stewardson Way, the Skytrain cycling/pedestrian route is severed. The replacement route proposed (several ramps, a pathway on the bridge itself beside bridge traffic, and a pathway several blocks long adjacent to Stewardson Way) was protested vociferously. Residents living south of Stewardson Way also protested the negative access effects on their neighbourhood. Following discussion a motion was proposed that WERA write the City of New Westminster objecting to the removal of the pedestrian/cyclist crossing at 6th and Stewardson Way, and to the transection of our community by the changes proposed along Stewardson Way. In particular it was noted that a distance of 1.7 km between crossings is unacceptable and creates undue hardship for residents on both sides of Stewardson Way. This motion was seconded and carried. It was subsequently suggested and agreed that a delegation present WERA’s letter at the next regular Council meeting.

6. Traffic Speeding Through Hamilton Street School Zone
It was suggested that some of the speeders might be parents dropping their kids at school. The school Principal has acknowledged that parents driving, rather than walking their kids to school, is an ongoing problem, and the school does what it can to educate parents. Chris Bryan suggested sending a letter to the school encouraging promotion of the “walking school bus”. Elmer suggested a WERA letter to police requesting enforcement of existing bylaws immediately, and a subsequent WERA initiative with the school to encourage alternative practices.

7. West End Neighbourhood Signs
A committee was struck to compile a selection of ideas for street signs, and bring them to the September WERA meeting for consideration. Committee volunteers are Pete Lovick, Gavin Hainsworth, Elmer Rudolph and Ellen Brand.

8. (a) Proposed Subdivision
Mr. and Mrs. Baker delivered plans for development of their property at Dublin and 15th. The proposal is to subdivide, re-zone, and build two houses there, if/when City approval is received. Elmer explained that WERA will not be taking a position on the development proposal, and received the plans for information only.

(b) Twelfth Street Society
Gavin Hainsworth reported that the Twelfth Street Festival date has been moved to August.
More details later.
Any business seeking funding for façade improvements should consult with a Board member.

Meeting adjourned 9pm. Next meeting September 2007.

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