General Meeting March 27 2007

W. E. R. A.
West End Residents' Association
General Meeting: March 27, 2007; commenced 7:00 p.m.
Chair: Elmer Rudolph
Recorder: Gavin McLeod

Reading and approval of Minutes
Minutes approved as distributed.

Jack Stumpel and Tom Low
Claude Ledoux
Jamaica Hewston

Agenda Items:
1. Presentation update on the Border Infrastructure Project focusing on the north end of the Queensborough bridge.
2. Plant A Row, Grow A Row community initiative
3. Results of the analysis of W.E.R.A. survey regarding subdivision of large lots in the west end.
4. Notice of application to subdivide 707 18th street.
5. Green Action Plan
6. Additional Items.

1. Border Infrastructure Project
Presentation by Jack Stumpel and Tom Low
Reported on loss of informal parking, pedestrian and bicycle path and walkway and traffic flow changes on 6th, Stewardson, and 20th.
Timeline is to have project restart in late spring and continue for 1 ½ years.

2. Plant A Row, Grow A Row.
Presentation by Claude Ledoux.
The project is to invite residents of the West End to contribute fresh grown produce for the local food bank.
Donations taken to Saint Aidan’s church on Sundays.
The program has been very successful over the last few years.

3. Results of WERA Survey.
Elmer Rudolph reported on the analysis of the survey.
Approximately 50 people attended, 49 surveys were filled out.
51 percent voted to allow subdivision of all eligible lots.
22 percent voted for no further subdivision.
25 percent voted for subdivision in selected area
2 percent did not state a choice.

WHEREAS the survey indicated a clear preference for the current policy.
THEREFORE the West end Residents’ Association supports the current policy on rezoning.
Moved by Mary Wilson
Seconded by Chris Bryan

4. Notice of application to subdivide 707 18th street.
Application by Glen Ehlert.

5. Green Action Plan.
Reported by Andrew Murray
The “Green Action Plan” was submitted by Jonathan Cote.
Reduced costs would be one of several benefits.
A new farmers’ market would be part of the plan.
Seminars this Thursday

6. Additional Itmes.
Gavin McLeod, as representative to the Citizens Police Committee of New Westminster, requested input from the citizens of the West End pertaining to policing. The committee requests detailed reports including date and time.
Please use: for submissions.
Letter from City of New Westminster requesting participation in candlelight ceremony in May to honour wartime service.
Request from City of New Westminster to send representative for committee on communication. Meetings will be held on
Tuesday April 3rd at City Hall.

Next Meeting: May 29th

Moved/ Seconded/ Carried to adjourn.

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