General meeting Nov 28 2006

West End Residents' Association
Annual General Meeting: November 28, 2006; commenced 7:00 p.m.
Chair: Elmer Rudolph
Recorder: Gavin McLeod

Reading and approval of Minutes
Minutes approved as distributed.
Agenda Items:
1. Traffic calming reported on by Chris Bryan.
2. Pedestrian overpass on Stewardson
3. Open house meeting on zoning of large lots in west end.
4. Report on community policing by Gavin McLeod.
1. Traffic Calming
Report by Chris Bryan
Chris reported on need for traffic calming on Nanaimo street.
Speed bumps 100 M apart would cause an increase in taxes.
No charge if traffic calming part of traffic planning.
Affected by reconstruction of north end of Queesborough bridge (delayed).
Reported on misuse of roundabout at 7th and 13th (cars turning direct left instead of going around then left.

2. Proposed Pedestrian Overpass on Stewardson.
Proposed for bottom of Grimston.
Viacom is rumoured to have upped ante in exchange for paying for overpass.
The BC government has paid for overpasses at other locations.
Discussion to send letters to MLA and MP.
What is city’s position?
Motion to send letter to city to determine status and funding for overpass.

3. North end of Queensborough bridge
discussed delays in construction.
Chris Bryan spoke to city
some houses must be moved.
the time line is slipping.
pedestrian overpass from sky train station to bridge, Viacom wanted more signs in exchange for financing overpass.

(For more information on the Border Infrastructure Program, which is responsible for the interchange improvements, visit

4. Open House Presentation Survey on large lot splitting.
On November 23rd WERA hosted a presentation and survey on the splitting of large lots in the west end of
New Westminster.
Approximately 50 people attended, 49 surveys were filled out.
51 percent voted to allow subdivision of all eligible lots.
22 percent voted for no further subdivision.
25 percent voted for subdivision in selected area
2 percent did not state a choice.
24 ballots were taken away, 16 were returned.
The city hall staff will analyze the results but not until January.

Moved/ Seconded/ Carried to adjourn.

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