Annual General Meeting Sept 2006

West End Residents' Association
Annual General Meeting: September, 2006; commenced 7:06 p.m.
Chair: Elmer Rudolph
Recorder: Gavin McLeod

Reading and approval of Minutes
No minutes were available.
Financial Report
Treasurer reported a balance of $440.00 and will look for a zero cost account to deposit money to.

Agenda Items:
1. Election of Executive officers and appointment of directors.
2. West end NR 5 Rezoning
3. 12th Street Liquor Store
4. Delay of highway project affecting Queensborough bridge.

1. Elections:
Nominated Elmer Rudolph Accepted with proviso.
Declared elected by acclamation
Vice President:
Nominated Chris Bryan Accepted
John Sousa Accepted
Chris Bryan declared elected
Nominated Pete Lovick Accepted
Declared elected by acclamation
Recording Secretary:
Nominated Gavin McLeod Accepted
Appointment of Directors:
John Sousa
Andrea Francis
Marjorie Stahl
Appointment of Representatives to 12th Street Neighbourhood Society.
Chris Bryan and Chris Bradshaw

2. West End Rezoning
Progress Report from Elmer Rudolph
Elmer referred to the NR-1 survey of the early 90s as a model from a survey on the subdivision question.
reported on intent to create a survey for the residents of the west end
An open house will be organized for the Carpenters’ Hall on 12th.
A spokesperson for the city will be present to answer questions.
A good turnout is essential to determine the opinions of the residents.
It is proposed that 3 options will be presented ranging from no subdividing to full subdividing and an option for limited subdividing.
WERA will act as facilitator only and will not present an opinion.

3. 12th Street Liquor Store.
Discussed proposed move of liquor store, owned by Nirmal Walia, from Columbia Street to 12th street.
discussion centred on appropriateness of location, parking problems, noise and attraction of undesireables.
A motion was proposed by Gavin Hainsworth
Move that the executive of WERA meet to discuss issues and provide direction to Mr. Walia in the form of a “Good Neighbour Agreement”.
Seconded/ Carried.

4. North end of Queensborough bridge
discussed delays in construction.
Chris Bryan spoke to city
some houses must be moved.
the time line is slipping.
pedestrian overpass from sky train station to bridge, Viacom wanted more signs in exchange for financing overpass.

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