General meeting May 27 2004

West End Residents' Association
General Meeting: May 27, 2004
Chair: Rob Watt
Recorder: Gavin McLeod

Reading and approval of Minutes
Moved/ Seconded/ Carried to accept the minutes of the Minutes of April 20, 2004.
Peter Julian (Federal NDP)
Keith Coueffin (New Westminster Strategic Services)
Bill Zander
Inspector Dave Jones (New Westminster Police Patrol Division)
Sergeant Dave Jantzen (New Westminster Police Patrol Division)

Correspondence: Announcement of new middle school.

Executive Reports
Rob Watt: Announced a presentation by Jack Stumple at Connaught Heights next Tuesday re 91 91A interchange project, 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday June 1st.

Guest Reports
Peter Julian (candidate for the Federal NDP in the new riding of Burnaby-New Westminster):
Peter introduced himself and related his credentials as a candidate in the upcoming election.

Keith Coueffin: Provided an overview of noise problems, bylaws and city jurisdiction. Bylaws are available on the city’s website at:

Bill Zander: Reported on noise abatement considerations. Suggested that a representative from engineering be invited to the next meeting of the West End Residents Association.

Inspector David Jones: Spoke on the prostitution problem on 12th. Reported on changing methods and procedures.
Reported on grow ops and crack houses. Reported on a common reporting system called “Prime”.

Rezoning Committee:
Gavin Hainsworth: Reported on rezoning in the West End and the beginning of a process of consultation.
Rob Watt: suggested that he and Gavin McLeod would be consulting with Burnaby to determine how the rezoning issue is handled in that municipality. Gavin Hainsworth and Rob Watt suggested the possibility of going to an outside group to poll the attitude of the west end residents toward rezoning.
Elmer Rudolph: Gave a detailed description of the location of large lots in the West End and outlined the history of NR1 zoning. Elmer suggested various options for soliciting resident opinion. Elmer suggested alternatives to current zoning procedure. Rob Watt suggested that the subcommittee meet to investigate methods of determining unbiased resident opinion.

Moved/ Seconded/ Carried to Adjourn

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