General meeting April 20 2004

West End Residents' Association
General Meeting: APRIL 20, 2004
Chair: Rob Watt
Recorder: Gavin McLeod

Reading and approval of Minutes
Moved/ Seconded/ Carried to accept the minutes of the Minutes of October 7, 2003.
Kimiko Karpoff
Brian Rice
Gavin Hainsworth
Casey Cook

Correspondence: Notice of hearing for 1525 7th Avenue, seeking variance for width of side yards.

Executive Reports
Rob Watt:
Reported on lower 12th development plan.
NR1 zoning. Two public hearings for the west end. Both applications passed.
Elmer Rudolph:
Reported on NR1 zoning.

Guest Reports
Kimiko Karpoff: Reported on “Operation Food Justice”, operating through three churches in the neighbourhood.
Reported on improvements to food bank.
Reported on planning for the establishment of a community garden at St. Aden’s. Requested participation from west end residents, also talked about balcony gardening.
Brian Rice: Reported on the “Greatness Project”. His company runs weeklong seminars.
Reported on the creation of a large jigsaw puzzle named “The New Westminster Community Conundrum”.
May 9th at 2 p.m. is scheduled as a community date for multiple participants to assemble the puzzle.
A piece has been reserved for the West End Residents’ Association. Brian wants the public to take over the event.
Casey Cook: Reported on NR1 zoning.

Signage Committee:
Elmer Rudolph reported on progress of the sign committee. The committee has decided to use an Art Deco theme for the signs. The signs would be posted at the entries to the West End. Sketches were presented.
Elmer will have sketches rendered as artwork for the next meeting.
Brian Coates reported on use of materials and colours for the signs. Brian replied to concerns over graffiti.

12th Street Beautification.
Gavin Hainsworth reported on progress on the 12th Street society.
The society has elected Jamie McEvoy as Vice President and filed papers with Victoria.
Reported on a presentation on architectural designs for 12 Street.
Reported on inventory of buildings on 12th Street. Art Deco has been chosen as the default style for 12 Street.
Merchants will be provided with a guide for Art Deco including colour palette.
Reported on lower 12th.

New Business
Motion: Move that a committee be struck to canvass the west end residents regarding the rezoning and subdividing of large lots in the west end.
Seconded/ carried
Move that a resolution be sent to city council to establish a moratorium on rezoning of large lots in the west end until receiving the results of canvassing of the west end residents.
Seconded/ carried

Motion to adjourn: seconded/carried

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