General meeting Jan 27 2004

West End Residents Association
General Meeting January 27, 2004

Reading and approval of Minutes
Moved/ Seconded/ Carried to accept the minutes of the Minutes of June 5, 2003.

Jim Hurst: City of New Westminster Planning Department
Mary Wilson
Casey Cook

Letter about lower 12 Street Study
Copy of letter to Judith Reed from New Westminster City Council regarding the Queensborough
bridge. Cyclists and other people have expressed concerns about safety.
Letter with information regarding volunteer opportunities and Irving House.
A “thank you” letter from the Simon Fraser Society for Community Living as a consequence of the first lawn bowling tournament.

Executive Reports
Rob Watt: Reported on 10th Avenue as well as 91 and 91A improvements. Rob will be on the 10th Ave committee.
Reported on the literary garage sale.
Casey Cook: Reported on progress on 10th Ave. problems and plans for 91 and 91A.
Elmer Rudolph: Reported on proposal for development around each of the sky train stations.
A workshop is scheduled for October 20th at St.Adens Church re the 22nd street station

Guest Reports
Jim Hurst: Reported on changes in duplex zoning in the West End.
Mary Wilson: Reported on a meeting with other representatives of neighbourhood associations. A consultant was present to gather information for a report to the city in the form of a report card.
Copies of the report card should become available

Unfinished Business
Discussed noise problems. A motion was made at a previous meeting to invited guest to report on noise problems.
Rob Watt suggested inviting Keith Coueffin, of strategic services, to attend a future meeting.
Citizens Police Committee. Gavin McLeod reported on the initial stage of the reestablishment of the Citizens Police Committee.

Signage Committee:
Elmer Rudolph reported on progress of the sign committee. An Art Deco/ Art Moderne theme was chosen.
12th Street Beautification.
Gavin Hainsworth reported on progress on the history of 12th Street.Reported on financial incentives for 12 Ave. businesses.

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