General Meeting Oct 5 2003

West End Residents' Association

General Meeting October 5, 2003
Chair: Rob Watt
Recorder: Gavin McLeod

Reading and approval of Minutes
Moved/ Seconded/ Carried to accept the minutes of the Minutes of June 5, 2003.

Dean Gibson (Director of Parks and Recreation.
Brian Coates: City of New Westminster
Mary Pynenburg: City of New Westminster Planning Department

Letter from Chief of Police informing of an upcoming program titled “Citizens” Police Academy”. The program begins on May 7th and is intended to inform citizens about what the New Westminster police do and how they operate.
Applications are available and a security check is required.
Letter re joint rezoning association meeting at City Hall.
A meeting is scheduled for April.Rob Watt will be attending.
Public information meeting for expansion of 20th Street garage. Dawson services wants to build a larger facility for vehicle repairs. The original site will be sold for redevelopment. A public hearing will be held in April.

Executive Reports
Rob Watt: Reported on the 12th Street committee and new bylaws.
Peter Lovick: reported on the 10th Ave working group.

Dean Gibson: Related his history of involvement with New Westminster.
Reported on his talk with Bill Zander
Jenyfer Neumann: Informed the meeting about Urban Oases and the Evergreen project. Evergreen is a national not for profit association.
The purpose of Urban Oases is the greening of the Urban landscape. The focus in New Westminster will be common public areas and Schools.
Mary Pynenburg: Reported on the city initiative for 12th Street which will be a broad based study.
Elmer Rudolph: Reported on the opening of a new business on 12 Street.
Discussed crime prevention through environmental design.

Unfinished Business
Pitch In Canada Week. Website at:
Duplex rezoning recommendations. A motion for rezoning has been in the works for one year.
Recommendations went to Council suggesting massing and shaping similar to NR1.
Tenth Ave Working Group. A letter was sent to city to request a meeting before the end of January.
Waiting for overall review.

Signage Committee:
Elmer Rudolph, Gavin Hainsworth and Gavin McLeod volunteered for the committee.
New Business:
Move that the association invite a guest to speak on noise pollution.
Seconded/ Carried

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