General Meeting Nov 25 2003

West End Residents' Association

General Meeting November 25, 2003

Chair: Rob Watt
Recorder: Gavin McLeod

Reading and approval of Minutes
Moved/ Seconded/ Carried to accept the minutes of the Minutes of October 7, 2003.

Mr. and Mrs. Pesan
Jamie McEvoy
Gavin Hainsworth

Correspondence: Flyer to advertise Victorian Christmas, November 22 to January 4 at Irving House.

Presentation on the proposal to subdivide the lot at 1312 Hamilton Street.
The current house would be demolished; the current property of 66 ft. by 132 ft. would be subdivided into two 33 ft by 132 lots. Two new houses would be constructed.
Graphics were used to display the proposed houses.

Excecutive Reports
Rob Watt: Reported on development of Terminal pub area at foot of Columbia.
Guest Reports
Jamie McEvoy: Report from the “Save Saint Mary’s Coalition”
12th Street Neighbourhood Society
Rob Watt was nominated to the 12 Street Neighbourhood Society.
Rob Watt accepted nomination.

Signage Committee:
Elmer Rudolph reported on progress of the sign committee.
12th Street Beautification.
Gavin Hainsworth reported on progress on the history of 12th Street.

New Business
Discussion of proposal to rezone and subdivide 1312 Hamilton Street.
Move that the West End Residents’ Association oppose the rezoning of 1312 Hamilton Street.
Seconded/ Carried

Move that the West End Residents’ Association support the “Save Saint Mary’s Coalition”.
Seconded/ Carried

Moved/ Seconded/ Carried to Adjourn

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