WERA General Meeting of May 22, 2018
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Meeting commenced: 19:03.
                                Chair: Elmer Rudolph; Recorder: Gavin McLeod
                                Number of attendees: 9
Approval of minutes of previous meetings: Motion to approve minutes of March 27, 2018, moved by Gavin McLeod seconded by Mary Wilson, approved.
Additional Agenda Items:
Update on Stewardson Way Pedestrian Overpass Construction (Gavin McLeod). On April 16, 2018 at 12 pm at a city council meeting the Director of Engineering Services and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure announced that a bicycle/ pedestrian overpass will be constructed from Grimston park across Stewardson Way, financing will be split between the provincial and federal governments. An overpass over Stewardson was first proposed in 2002 or earlier. WERA has put in a lot of time and effort to get this overpass built and is grateful to the provincial government for the creation of this project. It is expected that the overpass will be completed next year.
Report on City Walking Program, Jane’s Walk and Walk 30 (Mary Wilson). Mary reported that the Burnaby/ New Westminster Walk 30 challenge was a success. Burnaby and New Westminster coordinated the creation of a walking challenge from April 9 - May 11, Burnaby and New West residents and employees were encouraged to take the challenge by walking at least 30 minutes per day. Walkers could register as part of a group or as individuals. Jane’s walk took place again this year from May 4th, 5th and 6th. The format was quite different this year. This year there were 6 Jane’s walks this year, last year (2017) there were 14 walks. Jane’s walks were created to honour social activist Jane Jacobs a strong proponent of walkers and a strong opponent of freeways.
Neighbourhood Traffic Advisory Committee Report (Frank Norman). Frank Norman did not attend the meeting.
Community Policing Committee Report (Gavin McLeod). Deputy Chief Dave Jansen reported recent crime stats. Calls for service were down for all areas except for Skytrain stations which experienced a 17 percent increase. West end calls for service were down 3 percent. Break and enter reports were down 4 percent for businesses but up 36 percent for residences. Robbery reports were down 23 percent with no robberies reported for April. Theft from vehicles were up 15 percent. Apparently, many people still leave their cars unlocked. Deputy Chief Jansen was asked about alleged drug trafficking in the 1800 block of Eighth Avenue. Deputy Chief Jansen reported that an individual had been arrested for alleged domestic assault.
Neighbourhood Concerns. Elmer Rudolph conveyed concerns by residents about what appeared to be drug trafficking in the 1800 block of Eighth, police action with dogs was observed. A car fire occurred behind a house that resulted in completed destruction of one car and extensive damage to two others. Another concern was activity taking place at a women’s transition house also located on Eighth Ave in the 1800 block.
Meeting Adjourned: 20:29
Next Meeting: Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday September 25, 2018 at Unity in Action Church from 7 pm to 9 pm.