WERA General Meeting of November 27, 2018
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Meeting commenced: 19:02.
Chair: Elmer Rudolph; Recorder: Gavin McLeod
Number of attendees: 14

Presentation by Canada West General Manager Arash Haidari
ELINA Townhomes in New Westminster
​Description  : 22 Townhomes
​Location        :1207-1217 8th Ave., New Westminster, BC
Est. Start       : Summer 2019
Est. Finish     : Winter 2020/21
Unit Info:      :
20x1236-1450sqft, 3-Level, 3 BDRM, 2.5 BATH, On Grade Parking, Crawl Space, Balcony, Private Outdoor Yard
2x989-1038sqft, 2-Level, 2 BDRM, 1.5 BATH, On Grade Parking, Crawl Space, Roof Deck, Private Outdoor Yard
22 townhomes
There will be off street parking for residents and guests as well as secure bicycle parking.
Project will be “Built Green Canada and BC level 3 Step Codc. Heating by baseboard electricity.
Pricing is not available at this time and no decision on presales.

Approval of minutes of previous meetings: Motion to approve minutes of September 25, 2018, moved by Patty Holmes seconded by Margaret McBride, approved.
Additional Agenda Items: West End Dog Park, commercial vehicle checks in New Westminster.
Update on Stewardson Way Overpass: Gavin contacted Elena Farmer, project manager for the overpass. Tenders were issued in October and a vendor has been chosen. Further information is not available to the public, completion is required by March 2019.
Neighbourhood Traffic Advisory Committee: Frank Norman reported that the November 13th meeting was cancelled. There was discussion about a new process for neighbourhoods to get speed bumps installed in neighbourhoods.
ACTIBIPED: Mary Wilson reported that there are planned improvements for Skytrain stations including the 22nd Street station. The city will also be working in the area Bus service from the station my be difficult. Bay 10 at the New Westminster Skytrain station does not have a shelter due to the narrowness of the sidewalk. There is a proposed pedestrian crossing for 11th and Royal, a heavily used truck route.
West End Off Leash Dog: : The official dog park is located close to the 22nd street station and is surrounded by Stewardson Way and the Queensborough Bridge on and off ramps, it is also unattractive with lots of gravel and very little vegetation. It was suggested that the lower part of Grimston park would be a much better choice.
Commercial Vehicle Inspection Blitz: A two-day vehicle inspection blitz in New Westminster has netted more than $19,000 in fines and $12,800 in bylaw tickets. The police department’s commercial vehicle enforcement and traffic units led the vehicle inspection operation between Oct. 2 and 4 in partnership with the provincial commercial vehicle safety and enforcement branch. The goal was to make sure business vehicles travelling through the city are properly maintained and safe, according to a police press release. In all, 314 vehicles were inspected, and more than half had deficiencies that had to be repaired right away. Only 23 vehicles passed inspection without any issues while 122 required minor repairs, according to the release. Vehicles that were inspected included: cargo vans, pick-up trucks, small delivery vehicles and trades vehicles among other larger commercial vehicles. The New Westminster Police Department is one of the very few police departments that maintain a dedicated team of commercial vehicle inspectors, Officers observed a number of different issues, ranging from minor things that could be repaired on site, to major issues which required the vehicle to be towed. Officers focused on a number of mechanical components and driver qualifications including brakes, tires, lights, steering, load security, driver licensing and driver fatigue. Inspections included a quick visual check plus a look into the carrier’s history, Elmer suggested that there should be a provincial program of inspection as it is obvious that there are problems. A CBC Marketplace program revealed problems with commercial truck driver training across Canada.
Election of Officers: The biannual election of officers was held.
President (incumbent Elmer Rudolph), Elmer stood down while nominations and election took placed, temporarily replaced by Gavin McLeod
Nominations: Elmer Rudolph was nominated by Gavin McLeod
No other nominations. Elmer Rudolph accepted the nomination and was elected by acclamation.
Vice President (incumbent Frank Norman):
Nominations: Frank Norman was nominated, no other nominations. Frank Norman accepted the nomination and was declared elected by acclamation.
Secretary Treasurer (incumbent Gavin McLeod)
Nominations: Gavin McLeod was nominated, no other nominations. Gavin McLeod accepted the nomination and was declared elected by acclamation.
WERA Financial Report (Gavin McLeod): Gavin McLeod reported on the accounts as of October 2018
Annual Donation to Unity in Action Church (Elmer Rudolph): A motion was passed to increase the donation from $50 to $75 to Unity in Action Church for use of the facility for one year. M/S/Carried
Membership Dues Collection: The annual $2 membership fee was collected.
Meeting Adjourned: 21:03
Next Meeting: Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday January 22, 2018 at Unity in Action Church from 7 pm to 9 pm.