WERA General Meeting of September 25, 2018

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Meeting commenced: 19:05.
                                Chair: Elmer Rudolph; Recorder: Gavin McLeod
                                Number of attendees: 9

Approval of minutes of previous meetings: Motion to approve minutes of May 27, 2018, moved by Gavin McLeod seconded by Dina Zacharuk, approved.

Additional Agenda Items:

Update on Aunt Leah's place house: Elmer contacted the director and was told that this was a transition house for women and women with children. When the house was purchased it had a legal suite and an illegal suite, the illegal suite was removed. Independent Life Skills program participation is required. The maximum occupancy of the house is 12 people. Two supervisory staff are present during the day, only female visitors are allowed.

Backyard Pool Safety: Elmer reported on witnessing a backyard above ground pool that had no security or supervision. Elmer inquired at City Hall and was told that there were no bylaws covering above ground pools. A bylaw officer visited the property and security was upgraded after the visit.

Lack Of Meeting Spaces In New Westminster: The closing of Buy Low Foods and the main library renovations have removed already scarce meeting spaces. A letter was drafted to City Council; expressing concerns with this situation. City council supports Civic Engagement but without meeting spaces engagement between citizens is severely curtailed. Elmer Rudolph will send a supporting letter to City Council.

Recycle BC: Elmer reported that a pilot program has been introduced accept Other Flexible Plastic Packaging including zipper lock bags, stand-up pouches, crinkly potato chip bags and net bags for produce. The two Return-It depots in New Westminster will be accepting the items.

New Westminster Recycling Depot to move: With the replacement of the Canada Games Pool the entire area will be developed including the area occupied by the gravel field and the recycling depot will be involved. The recycling depot will be moving, probably to the Braid Industrial area.

Connaught Heights Neighbourhood Issues: Bob Petrusa from Connaught Heights reported on issues common to Connaught Height and the West End. Issues include densification and traffic. Another common issue is the lack of a city facility for citizens to meet and be active.

ACTIBIPED: Mary Wilson reported that there are planned improvements planned for the 22nd Street Skytrain station including improvements to Bus shelters. Translink will report to Kanny Chow. The Stewardson Way Overpass is progressing, final design and tendering will be done in Autumn 2018. The scheduled completion date is March 2019.

Smart Meters: Reported by Gavin McLeod, noticed what looked like a smart meter on a house and contacted the city. The meter was a digital meter but did not have wireless monitoring enabled. The city had no immediate plans for smart meters.

Neighbourhood Traffic Advisory Committee Report (Gavin McLeod). Frank Norman attended the NTAC meeting but was not present at the WERA meeting so sent a report to Gavin McLeod. Topics included use of the SeeClickFix App, a draft presentation on citizen requested speed bumps, and sidewalk congestion on Seventh Avenue on the south side near the Skytrain station, city staff will look into it as they have received other complaints.

Residents Association Forum: Elmer Rudolph reported that topics covered were lobbying to operate the Q Q ferry all year round; a request for a new RA by residents of Victoria Hill; a temporary blocking of London at Twentieth. Sapperton is experiencing problems with traffic and construction partly due to RCH expansion. Urban Academy applied for a new permit to allow further expansion.

Meeting Adjourned: 20:29

Next Meeting: Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday November 27, 2018 at Unity in Action Church from 7 pm to 9 pm.