WERA General Meeting of March 26, 2019
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Meeting commenced: 19:02.
                                Chair: Elmer Rudolph; Recorder: Gavin McLeod
                                Number of attendees: 8
Approval of minutes of previous meetings: Motion to approve minutes of September 25, 2018, moved by Frank Norman, seconded by Mary Wilson, approved.
Additional Agenda Items: NTAC meeting of February 26, 2019, grants from Vancouver Foundation.
Update on Stewardson Way Overpass: Gavin has been monitoring the construction of the overpass. At this time work is being down on both sides of Stewardson Way. Some rebar work has been done and concrete pouring has begun.
Community Policing Committee (Gavin McLeod): Calls for service in the West end are down 1% this year, overall in New Westminster break and enter incidents are up 38%, theft from autos up 24% and theft of autos up 12%.
Neighbourhood Traffic Advisory Committee (Frank Norman): reported on the February 26, 2019 meeting. The 2019 Pedestrian Crossing Improvement Program was endorsed. Crosswalks are being installed with flashing amber lights. Mike Anderson & Lisa Leblanc reported on the NTAC Areas of focus for 2019.
Residents’ Association Forum (Elmer Rudolph): Elmer reported that a letter he sent to council regarding the proposed movement of the recycling centre to the Braid industrial area was not received by city council. Elmer will drop off another copy. The residents of the Victoria Hill/ Ginger Drive area want to form their own Residents’ Association they currently belong to the McBride/ Sapperton RA. The Brow of The Hill RA suggested that the area below 6th Ave become part of WERA due to lack of attendance at meetings by residents of that area.
Glenbrooke North: Some vehicles have been parked on or partially on the boulevard apparently to avoid have side mirror damage, the city arborist has intervened due to possible damage to boulevard trees. One suggestion was to have parking on one side only.
Massey/ Victory Heights: The city is planning to close Richmond at Eighth Ave., this is a busy route so closing it will probably result in increased traffic on other streets in the area.
Walk 30 Project (Mary Wilson): reported that there are 3 major walking events coming up in the next few months, the first will be the Walk 30 Challenge (walk 30 minutes per day) involving New Westminster and Burnaby, registration will be from March 11 to April 26, tracking will be from April 8 - May 10, the next event will be Jane’s walk which will be held on May 4th and May 5th. There will be a walking forum on May 30th in Metrotown, more information will be available later.
Proposed Townhouse Project (Elmer Rudolph): The houses 1209-1217 on Eighth Ave have been sold and the property will be converted to Townhouses, there will be a lot of traffic in the lane between Eighth Ave and Edinburgh as construction proceeds. A notification was given to houses on the 1200 block of Edinburgh and Eight Ave that have not been sold. The houses on Edinburgh  in the 1200 block received offers to buy from the Townhouse developer.
New Westminster Community Action Planning Table (Elmer Rudolph): On January 1st WERA received an email from Angela Sealy, B.A; M.Ed. The purpose of the email was to announce the creation of the “New Westminster Community Action Planning Table (NWCAPT)”. Elmer Rudolph, Gavin McLeod and Mary Wilson attended the first meeting. The apparent purpose is to create a group that will bring issues to the attention of City Council. Elmer stated that this would be a duplication of the Residents’ Association Forum.
Additional Agenda Items (Bob Petrusa): Bob Petrusa spoke to the group about grants from the Vancouver Foundation. He requested $500 for a pollinator project and to clean up weeds on a BC Hydro property in Connaught Heights. The grant would provide food for the volunteers working on the project.
Meeting Adjourned: 20:21
Next Meeting: Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday May 28th 2019 at Unity in Action Church from 7 pm to 9 pm.